All the ways companies represent themselves are called corporate identity. All of the factors that shape the impression that companies will make when introducing themselves are the factors that make up corporate identity.

Company name, logo, and colors to be used are the most basic factors that make up a company’s visual communication system.

All documents created in our corporate identity studies are presented to you as a report. Our designs are completed and implemented based on your opinions and likes.

Corporate Identity Factors

Business Card / Portfolio
CD Printing
Website Design
Paper Design
Advertisement, Brochure, Poster Design
Agenda Design
Promotional Products Design

Corporate Identity Requirements

For branding and institutionalization, companies should convey to us their preferred symbols, colors, fonts and mottos. In order for us to get better information about the company, an about us (Who We Are) article should be written.

Why Corporate Identity?

A smartly designed corporate identity will increase the brand value of your company and make you look professional in the market. Your advertising investments will have a greater impact along with your company image gained thanks to the work done.