Web Design

We design original, creative and professional websites that suit the needs and expectations of our customers. Our web design process is as follows:

  • Discovery: Before starting the web design project, we analyze our customer’s goals, industry, competitors, target audiences and expectations from the website. Thus, we determine the purpose, scope and functions of the website.
  • Draft: After the discovery phase, we draw the outlines of the website. We plan the page structure, navigation menu, color palette, typography and visual elements of the website. We exchange ideas on the drafts we will present to our customer.
  • Design: After the draft phase, we create the visual design of the website. We use programs such as Adobe Photoshop to prepare the appearance of the web pages in detail. We revise the designs we will submit to our customer’s approval according to their feedback.
  • Coding: After the design phase, we code the website. We use languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript to enable web pages to be displayed in browsers. We also use languages such as PHP, ASP.NET to provide dynamic features and database connection of the website.
  • Test: After the coding phase, we test the website. We check whether the website works correctly on different browsers, devices and screen sizes. We test the speed, security, SEO compatibility and user-friendliness of the website.
  • Publish: After the test phase, we ensure that the website is published. We choose the server where the website will be hosted. We register the domain name of the website. We upload the files of the website to the server. We make sure that the website is working.

The advantages we offer as a web design service provider are:

  • Expert team: We have a specialized and experienced team in web design. We provide quality service to our customers with our web designers, graphic designers, web developers and project managers.
  • Customer focus: We design websites that suit the needs and expectations of our customers. We are in constant communication with our customers. We take their feedback into account. We report them on the development process of the website.
  • Creativity: We offer creative and original solutions in web design. We design websites not only visually but also functionally. We optimize websites to enhance user experience. We design websites according to brand identity.
  • Professionalism: We show a professional approach in web design. We deliver websites on time and within budget. We design websites compatible with current technologies and standards. We provide support and maintenance services for websites.

As a web design service provider, we design websites for our customers to have an effective presence on the internet. Websites enable our customers to reach millions of people with their products, services, vision and mission. Websites help our customers attract potential customers, create loyal customers and increase their sales.

If you also want to get web design service, you can contact us. We are looking forward to offering you the best website solution.