What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a work program with certain processes that require professionalism. It ensures that a website appears first in the search results for the desired words.

“Search Engine Optimization” is the whole project carried out to ensure that your site ranks first in searches in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex.

Why is SEO Important?

A website’s visual appearance and accurate information cannot ensure that the site ranks first in search engines. A website that cannot be reached in people’s searches cannot provide any benefit in terms of advertising, marketing and sales.

How Search Engines Identify the Website

Search engines constantly try to find people’s needs and keep themselves updated.

Search engines have two main functions.
a- Reading and analyzing
b- Creating answers

The most important thing in these two basic factors is that people can actually find what they are looking for on the pages of the website and how comprehensive the content of the website is. Search engines send software called spiders to websites to inspect them. Spider software crawls the entire website and indexes it. This is important in indexing how many words that correspond to people’s searches are present on your site. However, although it is a small software, it is very cleverly designed. Your words and pages should never be copy & paste.

The correct formula for choosing the SEO expert you will work with is to examine their references. It is a good idea to research how long it takes for the websites of the people or institutions that provide SEO consultancy to appear in which searches.

As a result of a planned study, the website on which SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is applied climbs permanently, step by step, as required, and this progress continues as long as the updated SEO application continues.

An Example Site Where We Do SEO Work

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GMMOG LE Training (1st Place)
5s Visual Factory Training (1st Place)
VSM Training (1st Place)
Fire Trainer Training (1st Place)
Lean Leadership Training (2nd Place)
Geometric Measurement and Tolerancing Training (1st Place)